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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aaaaaargh! It's Pirate time! In 15mm?

So do you ever wonder how those new projects suddenly show up? Where here is my recent chain of events.

Phase 1: My buddy Kurt starts talking about coming up with a pirate game that our ladies may find 'fun' enough to play. But my 25mm stuff is to big for the sailing action game he has in mind.

Phase 2: I'm sitting there mounting more palm trees for my Ak-47 and SYW in India games. And then I think to myself what other game can I run that will use some of the same terrain.

Phase 3: I start thinking Pirates and decide to see if I can make an 8inch ship that looks good. I rescale the old Gary Chalk plans and it works out quite nicely.

Phase 4: Blue Moon releases their 15mm Pirates. A sign that it was meant to be.

Phase 5: Make up the plans for a one shot game and then order away! Pirates form Blue Moon and Minifigs and guns from Thoroughbred.

Phase 6: Build and paint up the ships before all the figs arrive. Well the guns and Bluemoon got here pretty fast so changed pace and painted up enough for a ship.

So here you go. One homemade Pirate ship, Blue Moon 15mm European Crew and Throughbred guns. Three more ships done, still deciding whether to add masts. I fins the ships more playable without.