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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Loot!

I am a very, very, very, lucky man, with a wonderous wife, super sister-in-law and friends.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our second Pacific Bolt Action Game

We set the date for our second Pacific Bolt Action game last month for Dec 8th. This time I wanted to have a long 12 foot beachfront. But the month flew by and I had nothing new for the second game! So this last week I buckled down and set to work on some new terrain for second game. One day to build more jungle/vegetation. One day to cut and paint the new boards. One day to paint the Japanese flamethrower teams, snipers and 70mm guns and gunners. One night to build the beach defence. My wife and her twin ended up painting the defences while I finished the beach and based all the knew figs. And I'm ready! Eli did the point cruching and decided to use some of the FoW rules for positioning the landing craft and the second wave. Each landing craft had a med machine gun that could fire everytime a US unit activated to exit that boat. (Covering fire for the 1st turn only)(also dropped three bombardments before the landings)
3 Japanese players on the right

A very fun group of players
Newly painted Japanese Flamethower team
Marines begin to land

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Marine Flame Tank has a bad day

Japanese reserve

The log defenses

It was a great game! We played about 5 turns. the Japanese took a lot of casulaties, especially in some failes Banzai charges, but the Marines could just not get off the beach.
Next game, a bigger prebombardment and more Marines!