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Monday, August 17, 2020

Sky Galleons of Mars now possible

Years ago my friend Kurt and I picked up Sky Galleons of Mars at The gamestore in Atlanta at the time, Sword of the Phoenix. 
Of course I was excited because it was on Mars and being a ER Burroughs fan I loved Mars. And Kurt had an interest in the Colonial period and well the Colonial powers were on Mars.
We loved it! Played it non stop for months. It was a great game and gave us wonderful memories.

But you know those 1/1000? size ships were just so small. Yet those 28mm ships I saw and Historicon and in magazine from the UK seemed too big. But recently I found a gent on etsy who made designed a couple of similar ships in 15mm.

So here is my first one painted up and crewed with Martian Empires 15mm Martians.
Next is drawing out a 6in hex grid on a suitable cloth. By Xmas I expect to post some pics of our first games of Sky Galleons of Mars in 15mm.

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