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Monday, February 22, 2016

Romans vs Seleucids rematch!

Been months since we fought the Battle of Magnesia, and we've been aching for a rematch. So Saturday we got it at Treefort Games. I Andrew brought his beautiful Republicans Romans, I brought the Seleucids and Steven brought some Greek mercenaries to fight with the Seleucids. had been painting Cataphracts the whole week and Steven had stayed up till 3AM the night before to get his Mercs ready.
Clash of Empires, 4000 points per side. Romans Andrew and Stelios vs Seleucids Mike and Steven.
Game proceed with the Roman left flank attacking the Galatian warbands and cavalry while driving the skirmish line back. Soon the Galatians were nowhere to be seen.
On the Roman right a unit of Cataphracts decided to test it's mettle against the Roman infantry and found it a tough nu to crack, meanwhile the Roman flanking force appeared on their right.
By turn 3 things looked very good for the Romans on both flanks as all melees were going their way.
By turn 4 the Roman flanking force had slowed in it's pursuit of the Seleucid Companion cav. While the Roman left had a pesky elephant that refused to run in any direction except towards more Romans.
And the Phalanxes had begun to move.
Turn 5 saw the clash of the Phalanx and the Maniple in the center, plus a scythed chariots and armoured elephant. This time almost all the melees went against the Romans and the advance grounded to a halt as cascading  morale rolls took effect.
By then it was time late and time to call the game. A hard fought draw in the end.
Still enjoying the Clash of Empires rules, really gives all the unit types a distinct feel. We just need to play more often so that we can get all the special rules done pat.

LtoR, Steven, Mike, Andrew and 'I can't believe I'm playing Romans' stelios
Start: Seleucids on right Romans on left 

Start, with more on the flanks

Roman left and some very effective Italian Allied Cav

Seleucid Left. Cataphracts, Chariot, Elephant

The center

Phalanx vs Maniple (slightly shot up)

center on turn 5

Pesky Elephant

Sunday, February 7, 2016

English Civil War comes early this year!

Got a game of ECW in early this year. 'Victory without Quarter' rules, 28mm figs, 4x12 foot table 6 players and 20 units per side. 5 units per Brigade.
These rules never fail to produce a fun game with lots of moans and cheers as the card deck determines the next activation. A very slim Royalist victory it was.