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Monday, January 19, 2015

ECW Game with around 600 figs.

The last couple of games of ECW have generated interest among a few newer members. So I decided to run another game this month so that any newly painted figs would get a showing. We also decided to roll randomly for raw and veteran troops. 11 players, around 600 figs, game came to a good conclusion in 3.5 hours, when one side reached 1/2 routed or destroyed.  With another Royalist win! I do love Victory without Quarter!
A few pics for the players.
Parliamentary Forces

Royalist Forces
Stevens Force. The infantry Bagut's foot made it across the table!

Stelios' Royalists, with Prince Rupert

Sabrina's Royalists looking on Ricks' Parliamentarians

Ryan's newly painted Parliamentarians.

Rick holding the Parliamentarian Right

Joe's Shock Cav, Parliamentarian Left

Sir John Brock's newly raised regiment in the green trying to hold the Royalist center

Bagut's Foote

Cav running from Joe's Cav

Parliamentarian Lest in trouble

Regiment no one could pronounce

Jim and Dave attacking the Royalist center and right