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Monday, November 9, 2015

15mm Kings of War

Yep, for years Rick and I had been toiling away on our 15mm Warmaster armies. But very few people seemed interested. Yesterday at Treefort we pulled out the 15mm figs and used them for King of War.
Suddenly everyone was coming over to see our table. Commenting on how many more figs you could get on the same size table. Ahh interest.
So for anyone interested. All our figs are based on 40mm wide x 30mm deep bases. (except the war machines) 2 bases side by side was a Troop. 4 bases (2 wide 2 deep) were a Regiment. 6 bases (3 wide 2 deep) were a Horde.  For Ogres, 4 bases was a horde.
Rick's High Elves and Dwarves, run by Allen  vs my Orcs  and Troy's Lizardmen. 6000 points per side!
We set up behind a screen, when revealed it was my Orcs facing the Elves and troy facing the dwarves.
So the battle soon came down to a race of who would turn who's first.
My orcs had to bear the brunt of a heavy Elf cavalry force and a huge amount of fire from bows, ballista and dwarf cannons. Troy's job was to overwhelm those stubborn dwarves as quickly as possible, i was also having to deal with 2 dragonlords.
Orc tactics are pretty simple, send the goblins in first to suck up missle fire and pin the foes in place. Thank Gork for goblin hordes, they can take a licking! But dragons is just hot playing fair!
The game lasted some 5 turns, in the end the Lizards had turned/destroyed the dwarf flank while the Elf flanking force had lost steam. In the center the Orc Hordes were finally getting into the melee and slowly forcing the Elves back. An Evil victory! Yea I know, troy keeps reminidng me that  the Lizardmen are 'neutral.
Elf Line

Elf Cavalry flanking force

The Dragon Lords
Solid Dwarves

Pesky Dwarves
Lizard Host

Orc Host

Green Tide
Setup North

Setup South
Turn 1
Orc Chief takes on Dragonlord
Lizards on the move, finally!

 It was a wonderful game! Already talk of a 6 player campaign as early as next month!


Paul Liddle said...

A splendid looking game, KOW is one of my favourites.

Dave Gamer said...

OK - this looks interesting. I have a bunch of 15mm Splintered Light fantasy mini's I was going to mount up or HOTT by this seems more interesting. I'm down in Columbus, GA but I could get up to Treefort maybe once a month if I could schedule it in advance (and I wasn't on-call that week). I looked at the free starter set of rules on Mantic's sight. I take it you can't just makre up your own unit stats and army lists - so I would have to shoe-horn both my wood elves and dark elves into one of the pre-made lists?