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Monday, November 2, 2015

KoW Good vs Bad Kingdoms of Men

Finally got a game in against Allen's sinister Kingdom of Man. I say 'sinister' because of all the dark armour and the Werewolves. Allen built his army out of the old Confrontation prepaints, it looks pretty cool.
2500 points on an 8x5 ft table.
It was a very tough game, Artillery laying down some good fire for both of us. First 2 turns had me losing 2 units, both with magic items , and a horde of Werewolves determined to take my right flank.
My hope was to delay the wolves long enough to break Allens right.
It was touch and go until that fateful moment when my General managed to get that foot knight to waver with some magic. That one moment held up Allens force long enough for me to get my pikes in first.
Very Lucky!
All in all I managed to get some lucky artillery and xbow shots in and stall Allen on his left giving me time to finish off his right.
Very good game!
Play by Play photos.At least for the most part
Allen's sinister army on the left my clean cut Italians and Spanish on the right

Italian Kinights


Elite Pikes and Nasty Werewolves

Knights followed by Pikes

start of TURN 1

start of TURN 2

start of TURN 3

Rumble about to start

start of TURN 4

Spanish Cav take the flank just in time

TURN 5 I think

Start of TURN6

Foot Knights vs Elite Pike on both sides      

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