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Sunday, November 22, 2015

2nd Big Battle of Fantasy Empires, aka 15mm Kings of War

Yeah, we got the bug now, a small Bretonnian vs Lizardman battle on Saturday (Troy's Lizards whopped up on my Bretonnians) and then another Big Brutal Battle 6000 vs 6000 Orcs vs Dwarf/Elf alliance on Sunday.
Notes to take home:
Bretonnians, catapults suck and Kinights are awesome, More Knights!
Orcs, catapults suck and Giants rules! More Giants!
The big battle ended up in a bloody draw.

Knights and Villians

Brettonian Host

Orc Host of Mike

Crappy Catapults

Orc Host of Big John
Ryan commanding the Dwarves

Rick's Elves

More Elves with all those shootie things
Dragons are a royal pain

Orcs advance on the pub

Finally we reach the Elven battleline

Dragons trapped

Crushing the Elven Cav

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