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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Terrain for Rampant Lion

New Fields and Haystacks
So Troy, who has taken on the task of coming up with scenarios, asked me if I had a 'fort'. So after a few emails back and forth, we decided on a palisade. A secure area for a border garrison, until something more permanent gets built. Or a nice place for a raiding party to stock up their plunder until it's time to go home.
I know it's greener than it should be, but a lot of that will be covered by tents or temporary buildings later.
Also the walkway and movable gate will be added tomorrow.

Monday, May 25, 2015

More Lion Rampant Medievals

Last weeks game got more people interested in Lion Rampant. So Medieval figs were dusted off and 3 new players showed up at the table. I managed to finish another unit of Fireforge Yeoman and some new fields.
Medieval Mayhem
Wife shows correct way to move figs

New fields

Gravemarkers had a chance of containing a holy relic

Old Normans on the field after years of gathering dust
John taunting the other side

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On a Lion Rampant Bing, Samurai style

So we've caught the lion Rampant bug and yesterday tried it out with a friend's Japanese figs that had been sitting in storage for over 10 years. I managed to find a Samurai list on  boardgamegeek.
The game was quite fun and managed to get 2 games in 4 hours and even picked up a new player.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We are sold on Rampant Lion!

The rules have been in our hands for a few months now, but this month is when we finally got around to trying them out. Sunday before last we had a quick play to just try the rules out and it was thumbs up all around. So this Sunday we got all the Medieval players to show up for a big game. 3 24 point retinues vs 4 18 point retinues. The attackers were to torch the Siege towers and supplies. The defenders put out 8 points to defend each of the objectives and the rest of their forces started at the edge of the table.
Various forces on both sides took a bit of time moving ( bad activation rolls) while others advanced willy nilly into the fight. The center saw knights and lords go down in a great slaughter. The defenders right was slowly forced back and the supplies taken by Lord Ryan. The Defenders on the left, overly confident decided that the best defense was a good offense. To Lord John's dismay he soon learned that Yeomen should not attack knights or bidowers in rough ground. Suddenly the best defense was a good fall back to the objective.
The Defenders eventually took out half of the Attackers and held the two towers. Boasting points were pretty even.
We're playing two more games this Weekend as well.

Attackers setting up the last of their forces


Crossbows/w Pavise on guard

Defenders left

Lady Sabrina's forces defender

Lord Ryan's forces attacker

Lord Rick defender

Attackers left, very motivated group

Lady Sabrina finally getting into the fray