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Monday, October 22, 2012

Archer support is here.

Second week and the second box is done. This time it is the Ashigaru missile troop box. Went with two units of archers to support by 'Blue Clan'. Also added a drum team and a banner bearer.
Have to say that I'm getting use to these plastic figs, they can get a bit fiddly to be sure. I highly suggest gluing the legs to the bases and allowing them to dry before adding the rest of the body.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mikeasagi is on his way!

Two weeks ago I caught the Samurai bug again! The first time, ten years ago, I bought up a few skirmish figs and designed the buildings you see in the pics. I lost interest but my wife copied the designs, then made and sold some $500 worth. The second time, I picked up some 20mm plastic, it passed quickly. Last year, in a sudden outbreak, I gathered some 75 Dixon 25's, but lost interest after I painted the first fig. But two weeks ago I picked up a box of Ashigaru at the local store and presto! I'm finishing up the second box tonight and hope to have the third done by next week. The wonder wife, who is betting that interest will wane before the end of the month, promises to paint up a new building for me if I make it to November.