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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kings of War with a Greek flavor?

So Kings of War is really catching on and tomorrow I'll be playing a game against Treefort's headman John.
I was going to bring my Italian Army, but John informed me that he wants to try out his Fantasy Persian Empire army. Lots of those super cheap Wagames Factory Persians modified with Dark Elf bits and a lot of Elephants. Soooo I decided to field something more appropriate. A plausible 2000pt Successor army with a tad bit of fantasy. And no it's not that shield design in the third rank.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Testing Kings of War

Tonight Rick and I got out some figs and gave new new version of Kings of War a test run.
1800 points of  Humans (Renaissance Italians) vs 1800 points of Mantic and some GW Elves
Mind you we have never played before, started at 8:30 and were done by 10:30!
We really like it!, Much like Warmaster but easier.  Hv Cav was nasty, Lt cav was fast, archers and artillery effective, spear troops and halberdiers had a vital roll.
I see alot of big games in the future!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Great Naval Battles of Chuck Heston, 15mm galleys

Yes! After years of sitting idle in the storage closet, Great Naval Battles of Chuck Heston (also known as Great Naval Battles of the Silver Screen) was back in play. My brother and I use to run this game at Nashcon back in the early nineties, using the old Minifigs My Galley Salley ships (by the way if you have 1 or 2 gathering dust let me know). Spent a few days painting up a few more galleys and some crew for a new total of 27 ships! I let everyone know by email and via Facebook, it pays to advertise if you want a good turnout. 10 players showed up, with  running the game.
Romans with Greek and Rhodian  allies (Lots of infantry and seamanship with the Rhodians)
Hellenistic Monarch with Greek and Eastern allies. (Lots of machines and archery)

As usual some players attempted a little tactical maneuvering but it quickly turned into a brawl.
Slim Roman victory in the end.
Hellenic Monarch McGinnius V

Roman Consul Stelios checking the signs

Part of Hellenic fleet

Setup and some early worrying 

About to get to grips

The bloody melee
Ship view