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Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Italian Wars

Managed to get a second Saturday free this month and
took advantage of it to run another game of Italian Wars with
the Neil Thomas rules. Added another 5 units since the last game.
So about 15 units per side in this game.
Spanish vs French, with the Spanish defending the outskirts of a
small town, ie the church.
5 players and the game only took some 3 hours.
The rules are pretty basic, the new players picked them up quickly,
but they have subtleties. Which I'm slowly learning.
I need to hold my cav back a bit, because in the last few turns, mobility and the ability to strike
were everything. Also the Elites and Swiss are going to be major factors near the end, so stomp on them all you can! And now a few pics.
New blood at the table! 

French Cav

Bad War! Swiss vs Landsknecht

Spanish guarding town. Commanded by Dom, our young wargamer.

Handgunners caught in the open

Game End, French ride down one last unit, breaking Spanish/Allied army morale

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pirate Game Photos

Great game last night at Treefort in Fayetteville! After a few months of planning and painting I finally got to run my Pirates in Mombasa game. Rules were Legends of the High Seas, with some house rules.
Grand Pirate Captain Traylor lead the Captains of the Crimson Brotherhood  on a foray to claim the Grand Vizier yearly tribute in Mombasa. Most of the Pirates avoided assaulting the Town, instead deciding to risk the old forts guns as they dashed up the river. The Vizier sent out his Corsairs to harry the pirates as they passed the fort. Many a buccaneer went done to the sharp blades of the Arab seadogs! The Vizier was also having to deal with a horde of cannibals on land and in canoes attacking his other flank. Lead by three JuJu men, the natives had overcome their fear of firearms and were attacking in force. Eventually Captain Traylor, managed  to reach the Mosque and capture the Vizier. Unfortunately for some of his crew and the Vizier, the cannibals were at that same moment over the walls and on them .
View from the Old Fort, Pirates would capture it in the end.

View from the Mosque, Native attack came from deep in the jungle.

View from old ruined tower.

You can see the raft bridge, linking the Mosque to the town, that the Pirates had to force.

Kakesh's Corsairs, fought on decks of three ships!

Vizier Eli, making his next move as the Pirates break through and the natives reach the walls. Gamemaster Mike looks on with glee! What's you going to do now?

JuJu man Kurt gets the old 2 men and a shield, ladder going.

Stylish JuJu chief

Friday, August 2, 2013

Preview of the 25m Pirate Game tomorrow.

Running a 25mm Pirate game tomorrow/Sat at our local store, Treefort Games. Sabrina, my wonderful wife, helped set up everything at the house so that I'd know what to pack. The Crimson Brotherhood is heading for Mombasa. Should be fun!