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Monday, December 31, 2012

Houston's French, Gunners and Republicans

Here are the last pictures of the old Houston's Lyzard Grin Maximilian Range. Only 2 figures that I did not have from the catalog is the French Zouave and the Mounted Contra-Guerrilla.
M/A 21a Artillery in Kepi

M/A 21b Artillery in Kepi

M/A 21c Artillery in Kepi

M/A 21d Artillery in Kepi

MF 1 French at Port

MF 2 French advancing

MI 14 Mexican Republic

Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Republican Forces

MR-12 Mexican Republic

MR-13 Mexican Republic high port

MR-15 Mexican Republic rifle at side

MR-17 Mexican Republic firing

Friday, December 28, 2012

More Mexican Troops

Here are some more photos from the old Houston's Maximilian in Mexico range. Found an old catalog so I have the correct codes.
MIC-2 Mexican Imperial Cav in Kepi

MIC-3 Mexican Republic Cav in Kepi

MR-16 Mexican Republic

MIC-5 Mexican Republic Cav Rurale

MO-18a Mexican Officer Brim hat

MO-20a Mexican Officer Kepi

MO-20b Mexican Officer Kepi

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maximillian in Mexico Old Houston's figs

 Recently I saw the New Gringo 40 Belgians. A must for 2013 purchases! Well I have a lot of old Houston's Lyzards Grin Maximillian Range, and wouldn't mind filling out a few units. Turns out that The Virtual Armchair General will soon be re-releasing the range. A few gamers wondered about the scale difference and look of the figs. So here are some quick photos of a few of my figs and a few Perry/Foundry comparison shots. Sorry about the few fuzzy pics. 

MB-03 Belgian at high port, MO-20b Mexican Off Kepi

Foundry officer with Houston's Belgians

Foundry Chasseurs de Afrique next to Houston's Austrian Hussars

MAC-5 Austrian Legion Cav Polish cap/feather

MI-9 Mexican Imperial at port, MO-18b Mexican Officer Brim hat

MIC-3 Mexican Republic Cav in Kepi

ME-04 Egyptian at Port, ME-05 Egyptian officer

Friday, November 2, 2012

First Samurai and the Red Clan

Picked up a box of Samurai and put together a couple of the models. Totally different than the Ashigaru boxes. The legs have to be slotted into the torso before the torso is assembled. Allows for a bit more of a torso variation. Painted two for the Blue Clan, turned out okay, but I am getting use to the armor.

Third box of Ashigaru went to starting the Red Clan. Used a samurai head to upgrade one of the commanders. Each set of ten is getting easier.

Picking up the cavalry tomorrow  as well as the missile troop box for the Red Clan. Hope to have this
project at 120 figs by the end of the year.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Archer support is here.

Second week and the second box is done. This time it is the Ashigaru missile troop box. Went with two units of archers to support by 'Blue Clan'. Also added a drum team and a banner bearer.
Have to say that I'm getting use to these plastic figs, they can get a bit fiddly to be sure. I highly suggest gluing the legs to the bases and allowing them to dry before adding the rest of the body.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mikeasagi is on his way!

Two weeks ago I caught the Samurai bug again! The first time, ten years ago, I bought up a few skirmish figs and designed the buildings you see in the pics. I lost interest but my wife copied the designs, then made and sold some $500 worth. The second time, I picked up some 20mm plastic, it passed quickly. Last year, in a sudden outbreak, I gathered some 75 Dixon 25's, but lost interest after I painted the first fig. But two weeks ago I picked up a box of Ashigaru at the local store and presto! I'm finishing up the second box tonight and hope to have the third done by next week. The wonder wife, who is betting that interest will wane before the end of the month, promises to paint up a new building for me if I make it to November.