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Monday, December 29, 2014

More Victory without Quarter ECW

Got our third club game of Victory without Quarter in Yesterday. Very enjoyable game, 8 players and finished to a conclusion in just over 3 hours. Aggressive cavalry commanders change the dynamics of the game.
New Terrain cloth and my wife running Royalists.

Aggressive cavalry

All Warlord Plastics in this shot

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Getting ready for DUST Warfare and Bolt ACtion Eastern Front

So slowly over the last 2 months I've been preparing Soviets for the Bolt Action and SSU for Dust Warfare. I will probably use the Soviets for Dust Warfare as well.
So here are a few pics. Soviets mostly Blacktree with the cavalry made from Warlord Russians and Perry Plastic ACW cavalry. DUST SSU and some older AT-43 Red Blok armored infantry added .
Warlord Soviets with Perry ACW lower torsos and mounts.

Black Tree Sailors

A little photo play

Red Blok walkers

Warlord Tank

Sunday, October 26, 2014

ECW - Victory without Quarter

Had  a rare Saturday off this month so I decided that it was high time we tried out "Victory Without Quarter", by Clarence Harrison, a fine set of ECW rules available on the net for free!
I found them about a year ago and mentioned them to a few of the club gamers. It generated some interest and a bit of rebasing on the part of some.
So this past Saturday we gave it a try.
I used a few modifications. With some 32 units on the table, I wanted to speed things up in the initial movement. So I made a small brigade deck. One card per brigade, 2 artillery cards and 2 end turn cards(both have to come up for th eturn to end). When the cav got in charge range we went to the standard deck. (which still had the 2 turn end cards)

The game really went well, with some very aggressive Royalist attacks. It went back and forth a few times but the Royalist held the upper hand in the end, almost 2:1 in units remaining.

Everyone enjoyed the quick play of the rules. Probably the best ECW game we've had in years.
So units will be rebased as we prepare for our next big game.
Starting Positions
New Curassiers

Facing the Royalist line

Cav battle that went on for some 5 cards

Facing the Parliamentarian Line 

the Roundheads flee!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gone South! The Gold of the Sierras,Wild West Game

Down Mexico way, an old prospector had finally struck gold in an old abandoned mine from Aztec times. Unfortunately he was a bit to celebratory about his find and word got out to the local Mexican officials. In particular those loyal to the Republican cause against the Emperor Maximilian and his French bullies. So they kicked out the old prospector and took over the mine, after all the fight against tyranny needs cash!
So after months of digging a large cache of gold is ready for pickup.
A regular Mexican officer and a local leader of the militia have been dispatched to get the gold and take it to Juarez.
But, word of the mine has leaked out to the French, who have dispatched Capt Gerome to pick it up. However, Sgt Schultz of the Legion has decided that some of his Legionnaire friends need to 'help' the dear Capt. and his regulars.
Also on the way, is Cool Hand Eli along with Slim and Big John. All desperadoes from Arizona who have been listening to an old prospector.
But let us not leave out the Mexican Bandit Valdez, wanted by everyone for many many crimes. Who recently ambushed a load of dynamite that was heading for the mine.
Of course know one knows of the missing town folk and the small tremors in the area.

Mexican Regular Officer

Mexican Militia Hero Antonio

Capt Gerome

Sgt Schultz

Cool Hand's boys

The infamous Valdez

The Gang

Game Moves
Valdez smells gold and his nemesis Cool Hand!

Big John's Rowdies ride into town, shootin and hollerin

Cool Hand's wagons roll into town, there seems to be an unspoken truce between the Republicans and the Amrericans

Lots of deliberation among the Mexican Commanders

French Advance

Cap Gerome to Sgt Schultz on his left, "Why are you running to the mine? The fight is this way!
Cool Hand and Valdez fight over the wagons of gold.

The legion snipes at the Juaristas

While Capt Gerome goes after the gold wagons as well.

Sgt Schultz arrives at the gold mine. It is mine all mine!

Suddenly out of the mine, horrors!

Great worms erupt from the ground.

The worms are attracted by the loud fire of the cannon.

And the fire of the gatling.
Get what gold we have and get out! A cry heard throughout the table.
With Worms and horrors everywhere, Valdez's last fighter cannot forget and old grudge against Cool Hand and lights the dynamite. But is shoot down and goes in a great blast that attract the worms.
Gamemaster Mike laughs! What did you expect it is October after all. And the 'Aztec Shrine' was an obvious clue! 
Ah it was a great game! In the end Sgt Schultz and Cool Hand tied for the most Gold. Though the Jauristas had  preformed well as had Cap Gerome who feared no slimy worm! And the dreaded Valdez as usual had succeeded in raising Hell!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wild West Game on the Way

So I got the urge to run a Western game this October. Gathered a bit of terrain and laid the table out. Should fill an 8x6 table. Pleased to know that I had plenty of terrain. No details yet, game should be in a week or two. The scenario is still hush hush.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

28mm Warmaster: Orcs are ready.

For years I've been planning to build 28mm armies for Warmaster. Whenever I saw a box of the 6th edition Warhammer starter box, I picked it up. One day I would do it. Well that day has come! Well at least stage 1, some 1200 points of Orcs.
Each unit is 3 stands, each stand 50mmx50mm
8 Units of Orcs
2 Units of Black Orcs
2 Units of Boar Riders
1 Orc General
1 Orc Hero
1 Orc Wizard
Stage 2 is 1200 points of Empire.
Stage 3 up the Orcs to 2000 points (add those missing Gobbos)
Stage 4 up the Empire to 2000 points
Giant from Michael's
Lots of Orc Boyz
Black Orcs
Boar Riders
Orc God 'Spitfire'