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Sunday, October 26, 2014

ECW - Victory without Quarter

Had  a rare Saturday off this month so I decided that it was high time we tried out "Victory Without Quarter", by Clarence Harrison, a fine set of ECW rules available on the net for free!
I found them about a year ago and mentioned them to a few of the club gamers. It generated some interest and a bit of rebasing on the part of some.
So this past Saturday we gave it a try.
I used a few modifications. With some 32 units on the table, I wanted to speed things up in the initial movement. So I made a small brigade deck. One card per brigade, 2 artillery cards and 2 end turn cards(both have to come up for th eturn to end). When the cav got in charge range we went to the standard deck. (which still had the 2 turn end cards)

The game really went well, with some very aggressive Royalist attacks. It went back and forth a few times but the Royalist held the upper hand in the end, almost 2:1 in units remaining.

Everyone enjoyed the quick play of the rules. Probably the best ECW game we've had in years.
So units will be rebased as we prepare for our next big game.
Starting Positions
New Curassiers

Facing the Royalist line

Cav battle that went on for some 5 cards

Facing the Parliamentarian Line 

the Roundheads flee!

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