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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Loot!

I am a very, very, very, lucky man, with a wonderous wife, super sister-in-law and friends.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our second Pacific Bolt Action Game

We set the date for our second Pacific Bolt Action game last month for Dec 8th. This time I wanted to have a long 12 foot beachfront. But the month flew by and I had nothing new for the second game! So this last week I buckled down and set to work on some new terrain for second game. One day to build more jungle/vegetation. One day to cut and paint the new boards. One day to paint the Japanese flamethrower teams, snipers and 70mm guns and gunners. One night to build the beach defence. My wife and her twin ended up painting the defences while I finished the beach and based all the knew figs. And I'm ready! Eli did the point cruching and decided to use some of the FoW rules for positioning the landing craft and the second wave. Each landing craft had a med machine gun that could fire everytime a US unit activated to exit that boat. (Covering fire for the 1st turn only)(also dropped three bombardments before the landings)
3 Japanese players on the right

A very fun group of players
Newly painted Japanese Flamethower team
Marines begin to land

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Marine Flame Tank has a bad day

Japanese reserve

The log defenses

It was a great game! We played about 5 turns. the Japanese took a lot of casulaties, especially in some failes Banzai charges, but the Marines could just not get off the beach.
Next game, a bigger prebombardment and more Marines!

Monday, October 14, 2013

More Pics of Pacific Action

Bunker taken under heavy fire
Marines viewing second island
Japanese charge falls short trying to hold first island
Marines clear first island

Sunday, October 13, 2013

And Finally the game!

Great Photo by Eli!
Finally the game arrived and it was great fun! Eli provided all the Marines annd Big John and I provided the Japanese. So in summary, Flame Tanks are just ugly, Banzai attacks are awesome and the US move and shot with no penalty is a kicker! I am very pumped up to buy more figs and build more terrain! And what a bunch of fun guys to game with!
Gamers and Terrain ready
Counters mark Japanese units and decoys
Japanese Co's confer, "lot of Marines!"
Battle underway
Devil Flame Tank

Surprise! Japanese Tank Assault

3 hours to go and the last bit of Terrain is done!

Got home at 10:30 last night and started working on the last pieces of Terrain. My wonderful wife stayed up and knocked out a quick MMG unit for the game. Then this morning they were all finished up!

I see a lot of bunker buidling in the future!

Bunker, JR miniatures I believe.
MMG team by Warlord

Statue from Garden Ridge

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some terrain for the Pacific game tomorrow.

Been hording various greenery for years, some from the pet store, Michael's, party store,etc. Finally based ti up.
Lead Figure by West Wind rest Battle Honours

Battle Honours figs

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting ready for the Pacific, 4 days of construction

Well 2 off days and 2 work days later, the landing crat and huts are ready. Started on the vegetation last night and the wife has kindly started to paint up a MMG gun team for me. Hoping to get more jungle made late tonight after work.

Total of 6 landing craft
West Wind and Battle Honours Japanese
Command Hut
Troop Hut

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some Pacific Bolt Action coming next week.

Well we set the date, Oct 13, for our first Pacific Bolt Action game. Of course I'm busting butt to get as much ready as possible! Minis are done, West Wind and some Battle Honours Japanese. Eli has had his Marines done for over a month or two. This is the first of my generic landing craft. And some of the West Wind Japanese. (Thanks to Robert Brightwell for the landing craft guide: http://dspaintingblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/higgins-boat.html)

I'll post more pics of the terrain as I knock it out this week.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Italian Wars

Managed to get a second Saturday free this month and
took advantage of it to run another game of Italian Wars with
the Neil Thomas rules. Added another 5 units since the last game.
So about 15 units per side in this game.
Spanish vs French, with the Spanish defending the outskirts of a
small town, ie the church.
5 players and the game only took some 3 hours.
The rules are pretty basic, the new players picked them up quickly,
but they have subtleties. Which I'm slowly learning.
I need to hold my cav back a bit, because in the last few turns, mobility and the ability to strike
were everything. Also the Elites and Swiss are going to be major factors near the end, so stomp on them all you can! And now a few pics.
New blood at the table! 

French Cav

Bad War! Swiss vs Landsknecht

Spanish guarding town. Commanded by Dom, our young wargamer.

Handgunners caught in the open

Game End, French ride down one last unit, breaking Spanish/Allied army morale