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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aaaaaargh! It's Pirate time! In 15mm?

So do you ever wonder how those new projects suddenly show up? Where here is my recent chain of events.

Phase 1: My buddy Kurt starts talking about coming up with a pirate game that our ladies may find 'fun' enough to play. But my 25mm stuff is to big for the sailing action game he has in mind.

Phase 2: I'm sitting there mounting more palm trees for my Ak-47 and SYW in India games. And then I think to myself what other game can I run that will use some of the same terrain.

Phase 3: I start thinking Pirates and decide to see if I can make an 8inch ship that looks good. I rescale the old Gary Chalk plans and it works out quite nicely.

Phase 4: Blue Moon releases their 15mm Pirates. A sign that it was meant to be.

Phase 5: Make up the plans for a one shot game and then order away! Pirates form Blue Moon and Minifigs and guns from Thoroughbred.

Phase 6: Build and paint up the ships before all the figs arrive. Well the guns and Bluemoon got here pretty fast so changed pace and painted up enough for a ship.

So here you go. One homemade Pirate ship, Blue Moon 15mm European Crew and Throughbred guns. Three more ships done, still deciding whether to add masts. I fins the ships more playable without.


Scott Pyle said...

Lovely basing and paint work!

Luckyjoe said...

Very nice! I've been wondering how those Blue Moon Pirates looked painted up.

VolleyFireWargames said...

Ney Mike looks great I gots lots of 25mm Pirates ships and cannon for my Pirate games, And 60 of blue moons 15mm cannon from blue moon and a bunch of 15mm ships. And a gotta sloop at cold wars But no pirates, what about a govt ship or too. I got lots of 15mm syw figures in 15mm that should pass for spanish or french or british colonials. What rules are you going to use?

VolleyFireWargames said...

PS yah really need at least the masts for it too look right, but hey I agree it can be a pain to work around, I took some pics of a couple of 15mm pirate games at Cold Wars will get those psted soon

Donogh said...

Fantastic looking stuff.
Maybe there's something with slotted and removable masts or with fully reefed sails you can rig up? I agree they'd look great, but full sailing rig would really hamper playability on those boarding actions

Followed a link from Jon's Wargames Minis - glad I did, some marvellous stuff in your older posts too!

APJ said...

What rules do you plan on using ?

Mike said...

Still looking for a set of rules guys. Did go back and add some bare masts, will post soon.

VolleyFireWargames said...

Wow 4 years and no rules yet? Any gaming at all? Lots of rules in old MWANS or such Osprey has a new set of rules and other stuff. Old Glory has a set too. As does Steve Jackson games if you google it.