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Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Game of Indian Empires

For years I've had a box of painted 15mm figures for 18th-early 19thc India. Given to me for pretty much nothing by the most honorable Howard Whitehouse. And to this small collection I would add more painted fgures from time to time. One day, I dreamed, I would run a small colonial campaign set in India during the SYW. So ten years passed and nothing.

Then suddenly last Saturday I got the bug and Shazam! I grabbed my copy of Martian Empires and Kirby's SYW in India supplement and playtested all week. Rebased a bunch of figs, made a new gaming cloth, and made up some new charts. Today I ran Indian Empires!

I must say it went quite well! The European volleys and artillery were deadly, Indian morale risky and the rockets a blast! A few pics of the game.


VolleyFireWargames said...

Mike as usual you run a great looking game - Shazam and a Bam Bam bam it is. Emirl LaGasse aint got nothing on you. What manufacturer did you use for your Europeans?

abdul666 said...

Unusual in several ways and very interesting: looking forward for future battles!

A suggestion if I may: since your blog now covers several (and quite different!) periods, 'labelling' the posts would make browsing your archives easier when with time they become *huge*: for the newcomer discovering your blog in years to come as well as for the 'veteran' visitor in search of a reference. Labelling can be done a posteriori under the 'Edit posts' utility. Also, one can post a link to a given label on your blog.

El Grego said...

Very interesting - would like to know more about the mods to Martian Empires to run this!