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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finally the Samurai and Cavalry

Well, after a bit of a hiatus, the first of the Wargames Factory Samurai and Samurai Cavalry are done. The Samurai box is a bit of a pain. Attach legs together and then to torso and then arms and then head and weapons. The Cavalry box was a delight! Lower torso to upper then arms/w weapon attached! The rider fits on the horse perfectly! I hope to buy some extra rider weapon sprues to use with the other boxes. Major drawback of the cav box was that the horse hoofs had to be attached to the base. I added a pin to brace the horses that only had 2 hoofs touching the ground. But it was an easy fix and easily covered up.

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kokigami said...

nice progress on this. just found it, and went back through the four posts. I am impressed with how the figures are turning out, but moreso with the super cool wife you mentioned in the first post.. did she make up that building? pics?

I picked up a bunch of these used, and several built. Not all well posed. debating disassembly and reconstruction, as I don't know how to proceed with paint anyway..