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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Italian Wars with Neil Thomas rules

Well after 20 years, of off and on planning and painting, my Italian Wars figs finally hit the table! I will not even mention how many times I've rebased some of the figs. Okay the Swiss have been rebased 4 times without ever seeing the table. But last year, Stelios introduced us to the Neil Thomas rules and suddenly it all clicked. So for a few months now I've been rebasing all my Italian Wars figs. And today we played! About 12 units per side. French vs Spanish with Italians, Swiss and Landsknecht all present. Played 2 games in about 4hours. Great fun! With no arguments over the rules!
French line
Spanish and Allies
 Figs from Redoubt, Grenadier, Foundry, and Ral Partha

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