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Monday, December 31, 2012

Houston's French, Gunners and Republicans

Here are the last pictures of the old Houston's Lyzard Grin Maximilian Range. Only 2 figures that I did not have from the catalog is the French Zouave and the Mounted Contra-Guerrilla.
M/A 21a Artillery in Kepi

M/A 21b Artillery in Kepi

M/A 21c Artillery in Kepi

M/A 21d Artillery in Kepi

MF 1 French at Port

MF 2 French advancing

MI 14 Mexican Republic

Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Republican Forces

MR-12 Mexican Republic

MR-13 Mexican Republic high port

MR-15 Mexican Republic rifle at side

MR-17 Mexican Republic firing

Friday, December 28, 2012

More Mexican Troops

Here are some more photos from the old Houston's Maximilian in Mexico range. Found an old catalog so I have the correct codes.
MIC-2 Mexican Imperial Cav in Kepi

MIC-3 Mexican Republic Cav in Kepi

MR-16 Mexican Republic

MIC-5 Mexican Republic Cav Rurale

MO-18a Mexican Officer Brim hat

MO-20a Mexican Officer Kepi

MO-20b Mexican Officer Kepi

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maximillian in Mexico Old Houston's figs

 Recently I saw the New Gringo 40 Belgians. A must for 2013 purchases! Well I have a lot of old Houston's Lyzards Grin Maximillian Range, and wouldn't mind filling out a few units. Turns out that The Virtual Armchair General will soon be re-releasing the range. A few gamers wondered about the scale difference and look of the figs. So here are some quick photos of a few of my figs and a few Perry/Foundry comparison shots. Sorry about the few fuzzy pics. 

MB-03 Belgian at high port, MO-20b Mexican Off Kepi

Foundry officer with Houston's Belgians

Foundry Chasseurs de Afrique next to Houston's Austrian Hussars

MAC-5 Austrian Legion Cav Polish cap/feather

MI-9 Mexican Imperial at port, MO-18b Mexican Officer Brim hat

MIC-3 Mexican Republic Cav in Kepi

ME-04 Egyptian at Port, ME-05 Egyptian officer