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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

28mm Warmaster: Orcs are ready.

For years I've been planning to build 28mm armies for Warmaster. Whenever I saw a box of the 6th edition Warhammer starter box, I picked it up. One day I would do it. Well that day has come! Well at least stage 1, some 1200 points of Orcs.
Each unit is 3 stands, each stand 50mmx50mm
8 Units of Orcs
2 Units of Black Orcs
2 Units of Boar Riders
1 Orc General
1 Orc Hero
1 Orc Wizard
Stage 2 is 1200 points of Empire.
Stage 3 up the Orcs to 2000 points (add those missing Gobbos)
Stage 4 up the Empire to 2000 points
Giant from Michael's
Lots of Orc Boyz
Black Orcs
Boar Riders
Orc God 'Spitfire'

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