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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet the Zuma Gang!

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Restoration of Zumisia, aka the Zumas.
First off the Pride and joy of the Zumas, The Golden Lions. Recruited only from
Mikeobulu's Tribe, the Hoti Hauti. Fierce and determined young men proudly wearing
the Lion of Zumisia.

Next are the Mercenaries, Mad Mike's Maulers. The best professional nutcases that money can buy. There is talk of rivalry between the Mike and the Lion's.

Mikeobulu is a firm believer in the armoured fist. It's rare to see a Zuma strike without some tanks providing a few knockout blows.

And last but not least are the Zumisia National Park Rangers. Various parks throughout the nation provide much needed bodies in times of need. Often supported
by some Golden Lion RPG's.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hotel Rico an AK-47 Strategic Asset?

Well after having such a good time with our last game of Ak-47, Robert and I were jonesing to match up our armies again. So Friday afternoon we finally got a chance thanks to Mikeobulu's love of certain early 90's hits.

His Excellency Mikeobulu stormed into the Zumisia Command Center, "This is an outrage! An insult to Zumisia!" he said as he threw the most recent edition of Variety onto the war table. Colonel Akiki picked it up and nodded in agreement.
"A remake of Spartacus? It'll never compare to Kirk's version."
"No fool! Further down, in 'the where are they now column'."
Akiki scanned quickly with a worried glance at Mikeobulu.
'Hmmm, hmmm...'
"Rico Suave! Rico Suave has built a hotel!"
Akiki raised an eyebrow. "And..."
"Don't you understand Rico Suave the famous singing sensation of the early 90's has built a hotel in Ztumte only miles from our border! Think of all the revenues we
will lose as our people trek to Hotel Rico to hear him sing!"
"Your Excellency, I do not believe that he was that popu..."
"This will be like having Las Vegas with Wayne Newton on our border! No this can not be allowed! Quickly prepare a strike, we must annex those few miles of Ztumte! Before our tourist trade collapses!" Mikeobulu turned and marched out of the Center
humming and gyrating to 'Rico Suave'.
Ojore, Col Akiki's aide, finally allowed himself to breath.'How shall we attack, we have no idea were the Ztumte forces are and they may attempt to entrap us.
Akiki, gazed at the Variety article, Hotel Rico has already booked Dead or Alive,hmmm he wondered if it was to late to get a ticket. He waved his hand casually towards the Major.
"Simple, get some of our best men to go across and plaster the President's newest three story poster on the side of Hotel Rico."
The major looked puzzled.
Akiki smiled, "The Minister of Ztumte von Youngblood, being quite a critic of the President's music, will of course immediately detail a force to destroy it. And then we will pounce on them. And let's call this a suave move! Bwahahhahahahahahha"

And so with purpose and conviction Zumisia once more invaded colonial Ztumte.
So a quick report with a few pics.

We each managed to start with three units.
The Defenders Ztumte, Jungle Korps(P), Tank 'Killer'(R), Brit's Rangers(P)
The Attckers Zumisia, The Golden Lions(R), Mad Mike's Mercs(P), Tank 'Simba'
Objectives: Shanty, White Top Hill, Hotel Rico
Opening Views

First few turns with some lucky first shots on the APC's by the Zuma forces.

With the Shanty taken the Zuma forces turned to face one big tank on the hill. Mike's Mercs were assigned the task but kept coming up low on ammo while the Golden Lions kept coming up with extra ammo. Hmmm, was the President favoring his tribesmen again over the mercs? Well they had taken the pay and Mike's men went over the hill
into a barrage of fire which eventually broke them but not before they had taken down 'Killer'.

Far behind the Hotel a new front opened up as reinforcements arrived from both sides.
The Zumas had hoped to make a made dash over the Shrubs of Justice, but soon learned better. These Shrubs were not easily dug up. Brutal close assaults, hmg, mortar, and tank fire cut the Shrubs down but they held on passing morale tests one after another.

One Ztumte tank to go, the elusive 'Prowler'. The RPG's had proved worthless, almost all failing to fire. The Jeep Hmg's rang off the tank's armor. The Golden Lions braced themselves and charged! Madness, numbers and some Ztumte dud armor (rolled a 1)brought the metal titan down!

Defanged and with night coming, Brit's Rangers gathered up the Shrubs and make a clean break into the night.

A great game! Though I have to give the award to Robert for rolling the most
ones and the worst times.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

AK-47 and Mikeobulu

Well after many months Robert and I finally sat down and had our first
game of AK-47 1st edition. It was a great near run game. Can't wait for the next one.
Robert will probably be posting the game on his new blog. I'm just throwing up a few photos of my Sunnydale Shantytown and of Zumisia's most talented President for Life

My victory Speech!
Live from Sunnydale Shanty town on the border
of Zumisia.

The crowd goes begins a small cheer as President Mikeobulu
rides into town in his famous stage truck. The 'Golden Lions', victors of operation
'Lion's Roar', strategically placed on the roofs of the shanty town begin to cheer,
Zuma, ZUma, ZUMA! The crowd quickly joins in!
Mikeobulu, flanked by some of Mad Mike's Mercs and a beautiful woman, grabs his stage mike
and begins his speech.
"My People! Today our warriors have given us a great victory! No longer will the jackels of Colonials
sniff at our borders. For they have heard the Roar of the Zuma!"
Zuma, ZUma, ZUMA!

"No longer will the people of Sunnydale be harrassed as they await their papers for
entrance into Zumisia! No longer will Sunnydale hear the lies of the Colonials or the bad bootleg copies
of your President's newest album!"
Mikeobulu, Mikeobulu, Mikeobulu!"

I also take this opportunity to introduce Zumisia's Newest 1st Lady, Aliana Novo, 5th runner
up of America'c Model Search!"
5th runner up, 5th runner up, 5th runner up!
"And yes I will employ the entire town of
Sunnydale to build a great monument to
honor our Victory!"
"And now a song from my new album,
In Zunisia where love is king
When boy meets girl here's what they say

When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just finished my 10mm Siege Tower

Started this new year by pulling out my old 10mm Crusades project.
I'm basing almost everything for Warmaster, but I'm going to make
some nice movement trays so that I can challenge Bob's figs in a game of Impetus.
The figures are by Irregular and the Tower is scratchbuilt.