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Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Game of Indian Empires

For years I've had a box of painted 15mm figures for 18th-early 19thc India. Given to me for pretty much nothing by the most honorable Howard Whitehouse. And to this small collection I would add more painted fgures from time to time. One day, I dreamed, I would run a small colonial campaign set in India during the SYW. So ten years passed and nothing.

Then suddenly last Saturday I got the bug and Shazam! I grabbed my copy of Martian Empires and Kirby's SYW in India supplement and playtested all week. Rebased a bunch of figs, made a new gaming cloth, and made up some new charts. Today I ran Indian Empires!

I must say it went quite well! The European volleys and artillery were deadly, Indian morale risky and the rockets a blast! A few pics of the game.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Templates for the buildings.

In our recent games we had a little trouble with placing our figs in the
building/shanty templates. The roofs were a bit to angled to give
the bases a good footing so they kept sliding off. I probably should
have made the roofs removable (a major pain) or the buildings themselves
(less dioramic). My base was also pretty thick (I got some 20 sheets of this stuff for free).

So I had to come up with something to make a template base so that we could move the building bases around on. (Does all this make sense?)
Anyway, someone suggested felt, fortunately he did it via email so I could not
strangle him. (I like to think that I've left my felt terrain days way behind).
Then the other day I was at HomeDepot and found this stuff for roofs, flashing.
A real thin piece of aluminum. So here you are. If anyone has a way to cut it
without bending it all out of shape, please let me know.

Flash sheets

Painted flash sheets

Add Buildings

Add Trees

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A new Hospital opens up!

Yes those devoted Sisters of Mercy have opened up a new Hospital in Zumisia!

By the way Mikeobulu's new album is due for release .

A statue to commemorate victory at the Battle of Rico Hotel.
A Golden Lion of course. Hmmm, those sisters seem to be growing
something o the roof? Something medicinal I'm sure.

A small emergency helo pad. Anyone know where Mikeobulu
can score a nice copter suitable for 15mm?

Complete with ER and X-rays!

The trees and statue are removable, thus allowing maximum
troop deployment.