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Monday, July 13, 2015

Big turnout for the first game of Lion Rampant- Fantasy Style

Yesterday was the first game of Lion Rampant - Fantasy Style!. The official Dragon Rampant is not due to be released till December, but we couldn't wait. All retinues are 24 points, no limitations except that no more than 4 of any one type and or more than 12 points of missile troops. Too much foot or cav never seems to unbalance the game unlike too many x-bows on the field.  Players simply substituted fantasy figs but used existing unit types. Example: 12 orcs as a unit of fierce foot. A giant as a unit of serfs (just had to keep track of hits with a die) I had a single Nazghul with the stats of a unit of bidowers. I pictured him casting magic (shooting) and moving with great stealth.
14 players in all showed up, with a total count of 610 figs I believe.
Charlie Traylor laid out a beautiful 24 ft table of Hobbiton goodness.
Defender retinues included: Bretonnians, Gondor, Dwarves, Centaurs, Dwarves again, Heroes of Pathfinder and Elves.
Attacker retinues: Samurai, Black Knights, Zulus (yes Zulus), Mordor, Undead, Chaos, Orcs
Evil pulled it out 29 to 24 in under 3 hours.

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