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Sunday, March 6, 2016

A little Neil Thomas rules Ancients today

Knocked out some 98 Romans these past two weeks, so that I could introduce Steven to the Neil Thomas rules. Easy to learn and play rules, helps keep us motivated to paint figs for the next big Clash of Empires game.
Romans Vs Carthage
Romans: 3 Hastati and 3 Princepes, 1 Triari (subbed with Greek Hoplites), 2 Velites , 1 Latin Cav,
Carthage: 3 African Veterans, 2 Gallic foot, 1 Gallic Cav, 1 Elephant, 1 Numidian Cav, 2 Light infantry

It was a very fun game. My Romans  hammered the middle, but the old adage of newly painted troops performing badly their first time out seems to still be true.  Dismal morale failure on the part of a couple of roman units. Steven almost had the game wrapped up for the Carthaginians , but finally some bad rolls on his part handed ma a very very slim Roman victory.


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