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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Billy and a Fistful of Lead

With the Fistfull of Lead rules a big hit with some of the guys at Treefort, and after 4 very enjoyable games of the Magnificent Seven scenario it was time for something new.  So as I painted up my Prison Wagon a new scenario took form.

Get Billy!: Billy has been picked up by the local Marshall and is being taken to a cell in San Miguel. But Billy has been sooo bad that everyone wants a piece of him.
Player 1: Marshall Eli, one tough man well known for paying his deputies a $1 and a kick a day
bringing in the prison wagon with 4 deputies.
Player 2: Deputy Rick,  guarding the jail and keeping the peace in town. but guarding the jail is his favorite part of the job.
Players 3/4 Cowboys from  Bishop's Double H Ranch. Seems Billy shot down Mr Bishop's new son in law and Mr Bishop has some branding in mine for Billy.
Players 5/6/7 The Three Amigos and their assorted Banditos, once they robbed a train with Billy, but sadly trusted Billy to hide the loot till things quieted down. Now they want their loot!
Player 8 The San Miguel Women's Suffragette League. Lead by Rev McCoy and Maggie May, they aim to make Billy honor his vow to little Sara Lee and her new baby girl
Player 9 Billy's brother Bart, a veteran of Missouri, who is bringing in his boys because 'No one's going to hang his little brother'

So the Marshall had to bring in the prison Wagon and get Billy to the jail.
Tough job.
So right off the bat, the Women's League shot down the Prison Wagon Driver.  Then the Banditos decided to load up and empty wagon and pursue the prison Wagon in a high speed chase. Meanwhile the Cowhands decided to shoot up the jail and the Banditos, While Bart's men rode through town shooting deputies, cowhands and banditos at will. The Marshall, got the Prison Wagon off the main road and tried for a flanking maneuver right through the Suffragettes. Sharp rifle fire from the ladies had another deputy hightailing it out of town. Soon the Mexican wgaon over took the the Marshall's and in a series of fisticuffs another deputy went down and the wagon and Billy were now in the hands of The Three Amigos, but not for long as anther wave of shooting erupted form Bart, the Cowhands and the ladies. Soon only Bart was left standing near the Prison Wagon an inches away from victory. The group was tense as cards were handed out for the new turn, who would go first? There were plenty of itchy trigger fingers ready to bring down Bart. But  A King of Spades gave Bart the  first move and the game was over.
Gotta love it when the game comes down to the wire.  




BaronVonJ said...

Thanks for posting this. Glad you had fun. Mind if I post to the FfoL Facebook page?

Mike said...

By all means, share away, I'd be honored