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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finally the Maximillian Adventure with Black Powder Rules.

A week or so a few of the guys and I got into a chat about doing ACW in 28mm, and of course the topic of what rules came up right off the bat. Fortunately Eli had mentioned the new ACW supplement for Black Powder a while back. A few of us had the rules but had yet to try them out. So I decided that I would pull out my Maximilian in Mexico figs, which had been gathering dust for years, and run a few games for everyone.

Over the next 2 weeks we ended up getting in 5 games. With 8 players getting in one or two games. Of course in between I was painting and basing more figs for the game. By the end I had some 16 units per side.

In the end, everyone like the rules and the ACW project was given a green light, And I got quite a few games in with figs that I had painted over a decade ago.

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