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Monday, March 13, 2017

My Ottomans finally on the Table!

So this past Saturday, after work, the Blucher group meet up for a battle, and my Ottomans finally took tthe field. David brought his marvelously painted French and Russians. Steven ran the French with my Ottomans as his allies ve Kurt and David running the Russians. 1812 what if scenario with the ottomans  not making peace with the Russians in early 1812. My 130 points were facing the Russian sledge hammer of 170 points while on my left Steven had to take his 170 points of French and break the Russian left wing 130 points before I broke.
There was a wonderful fight of Cavalry corps on my right flank with the Ottoman cavalry on an initial high, but slowly being overwhelmed. The Ottoman infantry corps suffered somewhat initially with the command points being given to the French so that they could press their attacks.
Slowly Steven ground the Russian flank, but unfortunately the Ottomans were unraveling far quicker.
A loss for my first outing but very fun and exciting! Now comes the next wave of Ottoman cavalry in time for the next game in a few weeks. Yep I got a tight painting schedule.

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