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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Considering WSS era Imagine Nation

Painted my first WSS/Imagine Nation unit Sunday. Nothing great, but I managed to knock it out
in about 3 hours total with prep and basing. I definitely see more of these in my future.


abdul666 said...

Welcome to the merry brotherhood!
The 'Emperor vs Elector' collective blog / notice board for Lace wars Imagi-Nations welcomes countries from the beginning of the 18th C.

Looking eagerly forward to see more, and to learn about your 'brainchild'!

abdul666 said...

You already choose a flag, an uniform...
Did you chose the name of your country?

Then beware: without a playing partner in convenient proximity with an early 18th C. army, if you don't want to see your beloved creation torn by a civil war you'll have to design *two* feuding Imagi-Nations!

Unless you turn "Lacepunk" and have your army a kind of Troupes de Marine expeditionary force sent to explore that mysterious Continent just discovered in the Pacific Ocean, where natives look like Parroom Station Martians...

abdul666 said...

A last suggestion, if I may: since your blog covers very different topics / periods / minis sizes, what about *labeling* your posts? It could be done a posteriori under the 'edit posts' utility, and makes browsing the archives -you blog will *grow*!- much easier and reader-friendly.