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Monday, June 23, 2014

First game of 15mm Arab Israeli "Fate of a Nation"

Some last year a few of us at Treefort games decided that we would raise some forces for Battlefront's newest Fate of a Nation supplement for the Arab Israeli Six Day War. It took a few months but Eli finished his Jordanians and then taunted me till at long last my Israelis were complete. So this Sunday after months of planning and painting, we finally got a chance play. And let me tell you it was a great game! Eli's Jordanians were defending a few key villages awaiting reinforcements while my Israeli force attacked down the long side of the Table. The Jordanians had selected their slow moving Centurions to hold the line with some artillery while the Pattons and infantry in M113's raced to shore up the line. My Sho'ts took up a postion overlooking the town and preceded to lay fire while my infantry, supported my Super Shermans and AMX-13s moved to take the first town and objective. The Israeli infantry and AMX-13s took up positions in the town, and started to harass the Centurions, which were slowly getting the worse of it in the exchange with the Sho'ts, while the Shermans tried to flank the Centurions. Unfortunately Super Shermans are no match for Patton tanks. And there were a lot of Jordanian Pattons! Or so it seemed to to the Sherman tankers. Only a great deal of luck allowed them to last as long as they did. Meanwhile my air support and mortars were dueling it out with the a huge Jordanian battery and targeting Eli's infantry which had just arrived. This was one tough game! The crack Sho't were tearing up everything, but the Pattons were almost impervious to the Shermans, air support and the AMXs! Ah, the AMX-13s, they were my little joys, operating in and out of the town, fire and run then fire again. They were soooooo lucky, taking out a few Centurions and even a Patton on the flank! Supported by some tough infantry with a few bazookas, who managed to flank and toast another Patton. Well eventually the 2 surviving Sho'ts managed to finish off the Pattons, which made the Jordanians check morae, before Eli could kill another tank and make me check company morale. Thanks goodness Eli failed, the second time that is, the Jordanians fought on another turn after there commanding officer high tailed it to the rear! I never even got near the second town. We both agreed that the game had been close run thing, which is probably why it was sooo much fun! In fact we had gotten into the game to the point that we had forgotten to take photos! But good ole Charlie was there taking pics of the Sunday games. So here are a few.
No shooting my AMX-13s!
Setup, some of that terrain my look familiar!
Israeli advance

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