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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To dream the impossible dream, 28mm Napoleonics.

For years I've been possessed with a desire to run one of those big Napoleonic Games in 25/28mm. Of course reading all the wargame magazines doesn't help to curb the desire. But the thought of painting hundreds of Nap figs just was so daunting. Then I saw some HaT figs on ebay. So just for fun, I picked up a box of the HaT 28mm Napoleonic Prussians. Figured that if I gave up then I'm only out some $15 for 32 figs.
Got the box pretty quick and started to put together some 8 figs, one of each pose. Took no time at all, all I had to do was cut the figs off the sprue and glue the backpack in place. Been years since I painted any Napoleonic figs but managed to paint 8 figs in about 1hr 30min. Second batch in about the same amount of time. Here's a quick pic.
Now there's hope, one box at a time!


Gonsalvo said...

Good luck, sir! Been doing 25/28mm Napoleonics for over 45 years now, and still painting more. Not that I'm complaining, and I do have other interests, but Napoleonics have always been my first love.

brian_smaller said...

I have a couple of boxes of the Hat French Chasseurs. They are quite slender but look good painted and based as you have done. Good work mate.